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Course Desciption

The course gives an overview of general physics with more stress of the various form of energy . A series of extensive practical laboratory experiment are conducted to reinforce the theoretical aspect of the course.


(1) Nelson and Parker, Advanced Level Physics. (2) Yavorsky and Pinsky , Fundamental of Physics , Volume (I) and (II). (3) Hay and Hughes ( First Year Physics for Radiographers).

Course Objectives

The course is designed as a prerequisite to overview fundamental principles of physics required for a through understanding of radiation physics and radiation protection.

Topics Covered

- Basic idea on measurements and units. - Mechanical force, work and energy . - Heat temperature , energy , conduction, convection and radiation. - Electrostatic include properties of electric charge , laws of electric force , induced charge , conductors and insulators. - Elementary electron theory , electric charge , potential and potential , capacity and capacitor . - The electrical circuit , heating effect of DC current , ohm's law . - EMF , electric resistance , factors affecting resistance on conductors , electrical power and laws of heating. - Magnetic fields around current , solenoids and electro magnets, moving iron meters. - Force on current in magnetic field, motor principles, moving coil meter, electro magnetic induction, mutual and self induction , generation of AC supply heating effect of AC supply, peak and effective ( RMS) values and mean value. - AC and AC principle , AC transformers including theory of construction , copper and iron loss , transformer regulation and rating , transformer power calculations.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorials. Practical.

Computer Applications