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Course Desciption

This course describes the introduction to methods and techniques of research in the radiological science and the topics include basic terminology of research, qualitative and quantitative methods, basic research design and data analysis techniques. Also the course is used to provide a statistic course especially for health science measures using techniques and data structures relevant to clinical investigation.




(1) W J Mckeachie, (Teaching tips- a guide book for the beginning collage teacher), DC Heath & company. (2) Mould, Introductory medical statistics . PITMAN publishing company , focal press LTD.

Course Objectives

To study the fundamental elements and processes of research work with the development of a research project proposal in the field of the radiologic sciences . Collection and organization of data and effective verbal reporting of the project under supervision. Also the course enable the students to engage in the radiological researchers and analyze their data statistically by using correct procedures and understand clinical data statistically .

Topics Covered

- History of research. - Methods/Types of research. - Data collection/analysis. - Summary and conclusion. - Methods of assessment. - Data program and describing curves. - Normal and log normal curves . - Probability and binomial distribution , statistically significance , the chi squared test, progression and correlation , calculation of survival rates .

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorials, Tests.

Computer Applications