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Course Desciption

The course gives a broad overview of the basic elements of the course and provides the theoretical basis that would enable graduate technologists to apply simple community health measures.



Course Objectives

To introduce students to the concepts of community health and discuss areas of preventive community medicine, community health environment, factors influencing health and disease in the Sudanese community

Topics Covered

- Definition and concept of health and community health: Human biology:- Environment. Major components of the environment (Physical, biological, and social). Areas of Environmental health. Socio-economic factors. Health services. - Health and Welfare. - Responsibility for health: Individual responsibility Community responsibility, community participation.. State responsibility. International responsibility. - Concept of disease:- Cultural factors contributing to health and disease. Natural history of disease (prepathologenesis phase, Pathogenesis phase). The host agent, the environment. Prevention of disease and principles of disease control. Major disease in the Sudan. Importance of radiology as a diagnostic tool

Class/Laboratory Schedule


Computer Applications


Contribition of Course to Meeting theProfessional Componet

Credit hours:2,Lectures:2.