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Course Desciption

The course gives a broad overview on the basic elements contained in the course. It is designed to build on the basic knowledge of physiology gained by students previously. Physiology of cells , tissues and systems are covered . Special emphases is placed on the function of body systems which are of relevant to technologist in an imaging department.


(1) Dean, (Anatomy and Physiology for radiographers) Black well SC. Pub. (2) Green , (Human Physiology) Blackwell Sc. Pub. (3) Guyton, (Medical Physiology)

Course Objectives

To enable students to understand the normal function of the body system and recognize their relevance to the practice of radiography and to appreciate the deviation from normal that can be demonstrated by radiography nuclear medicine and ultrasound.

Topics Covered

Introduction includes: cell function and differentiation of the tissues , temperature regulation, eye , ear, and sensation of taste and smell, liver, hormones , nerves tissue including autonomic , motor and sensory nerves, - Cardiovascular system including the heart as a pump, cardiac muscles and ECG machine , blood pressure , blood and cardiac out put , tissue fluid and lymph. - Respiratory system: including respiration, transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, partial gas pressure, disorders of respiration.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorial, Demonstration.

Computer Applications