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Course Desciption

Introduce theories of diseases and the patho physiologic disorders that affect the healthy system. Etiology , clinical manifestation , path physiologic responses .


(1) Medical Terminology in hospital practice. Dean , Blackwell . (2) Tompson , Tomas ( Primer of Clinical Radiography) Second Edition. (3) Drummond ( Radiographic Technique related to Pathology

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to:- 1- Define the basic terms related to pathology. 2- Describe the basic manifestation of pathological conditions and their relevance to radiologic procedures. 3- Discuss the classification of trauma . 4- Describe examples , sites complications and prognosis of trauma. 5- Describe radiologic procedures used in the diagnosis of trauma . 6- List the causes and process of tissue disruption. 7- Describe the healing process . 8- List and define the systemic classification of disease. 9- Describe the radiologic appearance of selected disease. 10-Identify radiologic procedures , modalities and interventional technique for diagnosis of various pathologies. 11- identify disease caused by or contributed by genetic factors.

Topics Covered

Introduction to pathology, classification of disease, fundamental tissues and neoplasm . Altered tissue growth, Classification of diseases of the body system , Skeletal system diseases , Respiratory diseases , Cardiovascular diseases .

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorials ,Tests.

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