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Course Desciption

The course give a broad over view of the basic elements contained in the course , it introduce students to bed guide radiography of patients especially those with special condition such as intravenous drips , oxygen therapy , respirators , traction, tube drainage and those in the intensive care unit.




1- Cheanev, (Care of the patient in Diagnostic Radiography) Blackwell Sc. Pub. 2- Roper , (principles of Nursing, 2nd ed. Livingstone. 3- Ross, (Foundation of Nursing and First-aids). 5th ed. Livingstone. 4- Goldman, (A nurse's Guide to the X-ray Department) 2nd ed. Blackwell Sc. Pub.

Course Objectives

To give students an understanding of problems of bed side theatre and intensive care unit radiology.

Topics Covered

Nursing:- Including management of chair and stretcher patient , nursing care (Temperature, pulse and respiration) . Simple application of sterile dressing , setting a sterile trolley , surgical scrubbing of hands . Bacteria (Its nature and spread of infection, autoinfection and cross infection , the inflammatory process, local tissue reaction, general sterile department , identification and care of instruments. Blood pressure and its measurement. Regulations regarding general and dangerous poisons , units of measurements , administration of oxygen , enema and colonic irrigation , bed pans and urinals . Injections (types and preparation of trolley). Practice: Hospital staff and organization , records relating to patient and departmental statistics , stock taking and sock keeping , professional attitude and radiographers towards patients and other members of hospital staff. Medico Legal Aspect (Accident in Radiology and Radio Therapy Department). Appointments organization (Minimizing waiting time , Out patient and follow up clinics). Word radiography (General observations regarding preparations and special care for patient and equipments radiography in the operating theatre and special needs preparations and equipment , conducts and hazards. Reception and Care of Patient: First conduct with patient in the department , management of unconscious patient , elementary hygiene personal cleanliness , hygiene in relation to patients, pre and post anesthetic care of patient , essential care in the department of patient who has tracheotomy or a colostomy, patients requiring special care due to infirm , disability of illness and procedures taken , the inflection patient in the department and ward. Preparation of Patient for general X-ray or Radio Therapeutic procedures: Departmental instruments to cut patients or staff , use of aperients , Principles of catheterization and intubations, premedication (uses , methods , nursing care before and after X-rays in neurological and vascular and respiratory conditions. Radiological Contrast Agent: Barium preparation ( Barium Sulphate , types of solution , concentration , preparation for different cases). Additional modification. Tonic acid, activators , flavoring agent and food mixture for children. Loading operations: Organic Iodine compound , water soluble group , ingested group, agents for mechanical filling, significance of iodine content , preparation , iodized oil , sensitivty test and side effect. Application of various system , methods of introduction to the body, thorium (Preparation and application) , cases (air oxygen , carbon dioxide , applications and dangers.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorials, Hospital Practice.

Computer Applications