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Course Desciption

The course will include theory and practical in the application and use of computers and is suitable as a multi-disciplinary approach.


1) Ritemour, (Computer Application in Diagnostic Radiology' Multi Media. (2) Newton, (computed Tomography) Mosby.

Course Objectives

To give students an understanding of the basic concepts and the role of a computer system and the microprocessor and their application in record-keeping, appointment systems, budgeting, stock-keeping, radiation dose calculation and distribution, and as control systems in some radio imaging and radiobiological equipment.

Topics Covered

- Computer hardware and software in imaging. - Acquisition and processing of data in CT and digital radio imaging, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and other radiobiological apparatus. - Patient data management systems. - Application of computers in radiotherapy. - Quality assurance data representation

Class/Laboratory Schedule


Computer Applications