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Course Desciption

The student would be expecting to operate the equipment effectively and efficiently and recognize minor equipment faults that may develop and the necessary action to prevent damage to the equipment. He will also be expected to evaluate the performance of this equipment and associated equipment, so it is of recommended standard of operation and performance, likewise he could be expected to perform routine equipment testing with the basic skill.


DRT 063.


1- Chesnee, (x-ray equipment for student radiographers), 2nd Ed, Blackwell scientific Pub. 2- D Hill, (Principles of x-ray apparatus), Philips technical library.

Course Objectives

To introduce the student to the basic electrical and electronic principles behind the construction of diagnostic x-ray appearance so that he can manage both operation and maintenance and care.

Topics Covered

- Digital timer: the timers, radiographic applications. - Tube protective circuits: relays overload protection, micro processor controlled overload protection. - Control of scatter radiation: significance of scatter, apertures diaphragms, cones, adjustable diaphragms (LBDs), secondary radiation grid and grid movements Potter Bucky and lead blockers. - Beam centering devices: center finders (mechanical or otherwise), optical delineators. - Potable and mobile unit. - Fluoroscopic equipment: the fluorescent screen, the fluoroscopic table and radiation protection. - Image intensifiers: the TV process, the x-ray and light image intensifier tube, recording the intensified image since fluorography equipment. - Equipment for serial rapid radiography. - Equipment for Mammography and Tomography. - Logics: binary country system, logic elements. Application of logic circuits, a radiographer timing and switching circuit.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Tuotorials, Tests, Demonistratinns.

Computer Applications