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Sudan University of Science & Technology SUST Assessment and Accreditation - Academic Programs

Physical Education

Kinder Garten

Social And Humonteation works

Public Relation and Media

Journalism and Publication

Information Technology

Agricultural Mechanization

Veterinary and Animal Husbandry

Applied Statistics

Scientific Laboratories-Physics

Scientific Laboratories (Chemistry)

Translation (Second and Third years Only)

Arabic Language(Second and Third years Only)

French Language(Second and Third years Only)

Applied Psychology

Library Tecnology Science


Fine and Applied Arts(Expository Designing)

Fine and Applied Arts(Fabrics Designing & Printing)

Fine and Applied Arts(Printing &Binding)

Fine and Applied Arts(Arabic&Latin Calligraphy and Islamic Ornamentation)

Drama (Acting and coordination )

Drama ( Artistic Criticism)

Drama ( Theatre Techniques)

Music (Musical Instruments )

Music (Sound)

Physical Education

Social And Humonteation works

Public Relation and Media

Journalism and Publication

Engineering Architecture allocated Architecture

Engineering Architecture allocated premises

Civil Engineering

Electricity Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering(Production)

Engineering x-ray machines and medical equipment

Surveying Engineering

Petroleum engineering

Aviation Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Leather Engineering

Installation and Distribution of Water Network Stations

Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration &Air-cooling)

Mechanical Engineering(Vehicles)

Mechanical Engineering (Maintenance)

Textile chemistry

Civil Engineering - Municipal Engineering

Civil Engineering ( Structural Engineering)

Civil Engineering ( Roads & Transport Engineering

Civil Engineering (Irrigation and Water Engineering

Electronics Engineering - Communications

Electronics Engineering -Computer

Architecture Engineering (Architecture)

Mechanical Engineering (Welding Engineering)

Civil Engineering ( Construction Engineering)

Petroleum Exploration Engineering

Petroleum Transportation and Refining Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering (Electronics Maintenance)

Aeronautical Engineering-(Mechanical Maintenance)

Petroleum Transportation and Refining Engineering


Office Administration

Banking and Finance

Accounting and Finance



management Information System


Business Administration

Accounting Information System