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Program of n Water Resources Engineering


WRE Program will help 1- Increase the supply of the potable water by the end of five years so as to reduce by half the proportion of people without suitable access to safe drinking water source. 2- Conduct research on water and environmental issues as a priority in the university mandate through: - Scientific library that includes water and an environment data bank for Sudan and the neighboring countries. - Publish periodical public awareness leaflets and publications to educate the public and raise its environmental awareness. - Hold seminars, workshops, lectures and technical training courses to raise awareness and introduce know-how. - Strengthen the partnership with other institutions and government authorities through long-term agreements. - Offer consultancy services to the governmental agencies in the area of studying, reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, supervising and designing projects and plans related to water resources and other environmental issues. WRE Program can also offer consultancy to local as well as international development organizations in preparing feasibility studies and evaluating existing or future projects and research. 3- Reduce water-related conflicts by finding new water sources and better management of the existing water sources using modern technologies and methodologies. 4- Conduct all laboratory tests needed by the community on water, wastewater, soil, air and plants