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Program of Radiotherapy Technology


1- To provide Students with understanding of the fundamental knowledge prerequisite for the practice of , or for advanced study in Radiation Therapy technology.
2- To provide students with the broad education , including knowledge of important current issues in Radiation Therapy with emphasis on radiation science, protection , instrumentation, techniques necessary for productive careers in the public or private sectors or for pursuit of graduate education
3- To develop skills for clear communication and responsible team work and to inculcate professional attitudes and ethics, so that students are prepared for the complex modern work environment and for life long learning .
4- To provide an environment that enables students to pursue their goals in an innovative program that is rigorous and challenging , open and supportive .
5- To enhance the students ability regarding measures to be taken in protection of patient, staff and other personnel from ionizing radiation-together with understanding of relevant regulations, standard or rules of application.
6- To train the student to acquire skills in: planning for treatment, molding techniques, cancer nursing procedure and to fulfill the radiotherapy treatment plan as prescribed.