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Program of Radio-diagnostic Technology


1- To give students a broad based knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body in the health and in disease
2- To familiarize students in scientific information including advances in radiography and in the various imaging techniques of ultrasound and nuclear medicine
3- To offer academic training and practical experience in the operations skills of various diagnostic equipment employed in radio logic investigations (X-ray ultrasound, Nuclear medicine, equipment) .
4- To prepare students to understand, undertake, and /or modify diagnostic investigation in the light of the patient sign and symptoms or clinical state, and according to the specific technical facilities offered by the particular equipment
5- To inculcate into the students the health team work concept in medicine and to motivate and prepare them for post graduate studies in radio logic science by providing them within depth academic and practical experience as well as by encouraging self learning during the under graduate period
6- To acquaint and orient students with the organizational and administrative structures within the hospital and the detailed standard running of radiology department.