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Program of Veterinary Medicine And Surgery


1- To promote and sustain high standards of undergraduate and post graduate training in various aspects of veterinary science and to prepare them for careers in professional work, research and public services.
2- To provide students with basic sciences and professional veterinary science consistent with advanced method of diagnosis, treatment and control measures of animal diseases
3- Improvements and development of natural resources and promote scientific relationship with local, regional and international research centres and institutions.
4- To act as a centre of specialized veterinary knowledge which provide services and consultation to private and public institutions and farms
5- Improvement of animal and human health through advanced qualifications in infectious and zoonotic diseases, control of diseases, quality control and safety of food from animal origin.
6- To provide continuous education program in veterinary sciences to graduates involved in public services and private sectors.
7- To promote high quality research projects in veterinary sciences
8- To contribute in advancement of veterinary knowledge and improvement of animal wealth by promotion and the support of high quality research in veterinary sciences.