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Program of Radio-diagnostic Technology


a- An ability to apply knowledge on Basic science courses and Basics of Radiography.
b- An ability to apply knowledge of computer, physics and instruments, in the radiologic modalities
c- An ability to function on multi disciplinary teams.
d- An ability to identify the radiation Hazard, protection, care of patient, and radiation biology.
e- Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
f- An ability to use the techniques, skills and all the radiological tools necessary.
g- (g) The board education necessary to understand the impact of diagnostic radiology solutions in a clinical practice context
h- (h) Knowledge of contemporary issues and improving radiographic imaging techniques formulation image quality assurance ,synthesis all variables.
i- (i) An ability to communicate and transfer knowledge in society in respect to culture religion and language.
j- (j) Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life long learning