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Program of B.sc Music


a- compoers who deals with writing music,conducting orchestras & groups,orchestration, critisism and also in the field of arranging music, participating in the field of music in different ways.
b- music instruments plyaers such as Violin, Viola, Violoncello,Contrabass, Flute,Clarinete, Trumpet,Piano,Lute,Guitar,Trombone,Saxphone.who can play different styles of music that composed for sngle instrument, duetto, trio,quartet, quintet, sixtet, chumber music ensamble,full orchestra, bands, groups. also they can easyly play Sudanese traditional, folk,or modern music
c- Singers who can excute different kinds of singing indivdual,duetto,chorale. also they can sing different kinds & styles of sudanese traditional, folk,or modern songs beside the very special style of traditional religous songs and chants that called(madeeh) that related to the variant regions and districts,in the four cantons south, west,east and north like Nuba,shuluk,hadandawa,Fong,Bagara,galieen, and so.
d- Composition
e- Vocal (singing styles)
f- Instruments( Vln.Vla.Vc.CB.Guit.Lute.Piano. Acco.Tr.Tmbn.Sx.Cl.Drums.Fl.