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Program of Food Science and Technology


a- The students will be provided with sound knowledge in food processing (food dehydration, meat technology, food refrigeration and freczing, dairy products, fruits and vegetables processing, cereal technology, oils technology, sugar and candy manufacture, food preservation, food safety, Sudanese foods).
b- The Studend will be provided with the basic principles and knowledge of problems associated with food processing operations (processing units and operational units). To ensure the quality and safety of the final products.
c- The community will be provided with well trained graduates who can technically help in food processing and quality assessment.
d- Public awareness programs can be achieved through workshops, conferences and distribution of pamphlets to consumers.
e- Scientific research can be conducted to develop food processes and new food formulations with emphasis on the health aspects of processed foods.
f- Special training programs can be arranged for workers in the food industry to upgrade their professional experience and skills.
g- Our students will acquire a high level of training and strong background in the scientific and technological aspects of food processes, promotion and advertisement of food products.
h- Accordingly our graduates will be capable to compete successfully with others and capable to supervise, control, consult and manage food factories.