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Program of Plant Protection


a- Identify the main pest species in the Animal Kingdom, and their characteristics and classification.
b- Identify and classify the main insect pests of Agricultural and Medical importance, and pests of stored grains, according to their morphology, anatomy and feeding habits.
c- Recognize the major crops pests, diseases and weeds, in the different areas in Sudan and the damage, injury or losses they cause to crops.
d- Implement the different control measures of crop pests, diseases and weeds and their techniques.
e- Identify the role of ecology in pest control.
f- Identify the different groups of pesticides, their formulations, mode of action, and application techniques.
g- Implement the concept of integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture.
h- Identify and describe new methods of pest and disease detection and identification, methods of eradication and field and laboratory diagnostics.
i- Recognize the economic importance of beneficial insects and how to promote their management.
j- Design and Conduct Experiments in different fields of plant protection.