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Program of Veterinary Medicine And Surgery


a- Understand the basic concepts of veterinary epidemiology, descriptive epidemiology, analytical epidemiology, sampling methods, Animal disease control and field investigation.
b- Understand the basic concepts of biostatistics.
c- 1. The graduate should have developed skills in various aspects of veterinary profession, and ability of veterinary problems definition, solution decision making and community service.
d- 2. The graduate should have gained confidence in designing and conduction of research, analysis and interpretation of data.
e- ould have developed essential skills in organizing research project, cooperating with local and international research institutions.
f- 4. The graduate should have developed ability to use recent techniques and skill investigation, and control of infectious and zoonotic diseases.
g- 5. The graduates should have acquired essential academic and technical information about causes, pathogenicity, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.