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Program of Food Science and Technology
Full-Time Staff
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Prof. Dr. Abdalbasit Adam Mariod Alnadif abdalbasit_adam@sustech.edu-elmariod@hotmail.com
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elawad Elfaki Mohamed Ahmed ahmedelawad@sustech.edu-aelfaki@hotmail.com
Prof. Dr. Hatim Makki Mohamed Makki hatimmakki@sustech.edu
Prof. Dr. Yousif Mohamed Ahmed Idris Yousifidris@sustech.edu
Dr. Maha Fadul Mohammed Albalola mahafadul@sustech.edu
Dr. Mahdi Abbas Saad Shakak mahdiabbas@sustech.edu -shakak2000@hotmail.com
Dr. Barka Mohammed Kabier Barka barakamohamed@sustech.edu-BKABIER@hotmail.com
Dr. Salma Elghali Mustafa Alsheikh Salma-a@sustech.edu
Ebrahim Alfaig Alnor Alfaig ebrahimalfaig@sustech.edu-ibrelfaig@Yahoo.com
Part-Time Staff
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